How to Choose Best Egyptian Cotton Sheet? [Guide]

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After a long and hectic day, you need to relax on your bed, right? What if you notice wrinkles, piles and rough texture on your bed sheet that gives you an awful feel? The good sheets prepare you for the next day in the best way and are a pinnacle of the luxury sleep.

According to the science, men spend around 1/3rd of his life in his bed. Don’t you think that you must choose the best product for bed for a good fortune on the sheets, mattresses, cushions, covers and bedding?

Egyptian cotton sheets are made of handpicked cotton and are one of the finest sheets known for its comfort and luxury. The well-appointed homes and hotels always prefer to dress their beds in these sheets all around the world. The Egyptian cotton is long stapled cotton or long-fibered cotton also known as ELS but it does not refer to the cotton grown in Egypt. This fabric lasts for decades and gets softer with time. Egyptian cotton sheets are known as the most durable and strongest sheets.

Warm summers are the perfect environment for growing the high quality cotton plants. Egyptian cotton fibres are long and durable therefore be woven into finer fabrics. There is no requirement of thread counts while waving this fibre. The various finishes of this fibre give a crisp or a silky smooth feel with the finest clean finish.

The higher the thread count, the finer the thread and weave. Lower thread counts have a coarser weave, thicker threads, and therefore more durability. A count of about 400 is ideal for daily-wear and hard-wearing that gives a luxury touch. Egyptian cotton is a natural fibre that gives the proper breathability and coolness to ensure a night of restful sleep.

Basic Varieties of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian sheets have five basic varieties.

  • Standard Egyptian Cotton Sheet: It has basic cotton weaves.
  • Percale Egyptian Cotton Sheet: It is known for a crisp finish.
  • Sateen Egyptian Cotton Sheet: It is the softest and silky.
  • Pinpoint Egyptian Cotton Sheet: This cotton sheet is less soft but more durable.
  • Twill Egyptian Cotton Sheet: It has the distant pattern and resists wrinkle.

How to Choose the Perfect Egyptian cotton Sheet?

  • It is advisable to check the thread count before buying the sheet. The thread count means threads remaining in per meter square of fabric. The quality of Egyptian cotton sheets does not depend on the thread count. High thread count has heavier and superior quality fabric sheet that gives much comfortable and luxurious sleeping experience.
  • The fabric should be breathable and porous.
  • There should be no blending of the fabric i.e. it should be made of 100% cotton.
  • The good thread count is in between 412-700 for the best Egyptian cotton sheets.

You may see the pirated versions of these sheets due to extreme popularity in the market. Before buying the sheets, always check for its authenticity first.

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