Top 10 Countries in Cotton Production

Cotton is the most important fibres for the world to make clothes and variety of textile products. Cotton is not only used as fabric but also consume as food. The cotton plant makes up cotton lint which is the fabric like material. The cotton plant produces a fruit known as ‘cotton bolls’ which are used as the food.

Top 10 Countries in Cotton Production

Cotton measured in ‘Bales’. India extends farming from 50,000 hectares in 2002 to 8.4 million hectares in 2009. The total area of cultivation is about 9.6 million hectares that are about 35 % of the world cotton area.

1) India

India has a huge Cotton Industry from over 3000 years that’s why it is recognized as the birthplace of cotton industry. India is famous for Finest and Beautiful cotton fabrics. India has gained the first place in cotton production and cotton cultivated area. The country produces around 33 million bales cotton per year.

2) China

China is the world leader in Cotton Production after India. Due to the largest populated country, more farmers are engaged in the agriculture industry. Chine is the largest consumer and importer of cotton. Chine produces about 27 million bales Cotton every year.

3) United States of America

USA is the largest country which uses modern ways of production and cultivation in hundreds of hectares. Farmers of America are cultivating almost all the crops in the modern view with the machinery so that they can produce more cotton with less cost along with other crops. USA also imports cottons from other countries. The Production of cotton by USA is about 18 million bales per year.

4) Pakistan

In the list of largest cotton producing countries, Pakistan stands for the 4th number in the world. It is also one of the largest consumers and exporters of cotton. The Production done by small farmers, over more than 1.4 million small farmers are depending on cotton as their regular income. They every year cultivate over 3 million hectares of land. Pakistan produces about 10.3 million bales of cotton per year.

5) Brazil

Apart from cotton only, Brazil is the huge exporter of almost every Agriculture Products. Cotton is one of the largest cultivating Crops in the Country. It produces over 9.3 million bales cotton per year.

6)  Australia

Australia stands at 6th number in the list of world’s largest cotton producing countries. The farmers of Australia are the world’s first to see the bioengineering in agriculture industry. The farmers uses modern technology to cultivate the Cotton. The Production is about 4.2 million bales of cotton per year.

7) Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is the third largest exporter of cotton and seventh largest producer in the world. Europe is the major buyer for Uzbekistan. They generally produce organically. The cotton production is about 4.6 million bales per year.

8) Turkey

Due to better infrastructure, local improvement and thousands of textile firms, Turkey has developed a large cotton industry. The country exports quality cottons and cotton products all over the world. It produces about 2.8 million bales of cotton per year.

9) Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is producing around 1.6 million bales of cotton every year. Cotton is one of the main income sources for Turkmenistan. Due to improvement of cotton cultivation, the cotton industry is well developed.

10) Burkina Faso

Almost 80% of the Burkina Faso working citizens are involved in the agriculture industry. 70% of the Cotton and Gold productions are export by Burkina Faso. The farmers have stopped using modified seeds to increase the quality of cotton fibres.

These are the list of top 10 cotton production countries. For more updates on this, keep visiting us.

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