Top 9 Different Types of Cotton Around The World

Cotton clothes are adorned by everyone and one of the most popular fabrics in the world. Clothes made from cotton are light and soft, comfortable, and a perfect choice to beat the heat and warmth, in the summer.

Different Types of Cotton

Cotton is a staple fiber grows in the form of a ball around the seeds of the cotton plant. It is quite ironic to know that despite loved by everyone and the most famous fabric in the world, the different varieties of cotton are still not commonly known. Check out the different types and varieties of cotton that are produced all around the globe.

1) Asiatic Cotton

India, China and other Eastern regions produce this kind of cotton. It has coarse fibers and much fitted to make coarse clothes, blankets, filters, padding materials, etc.

2) Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is very fine cotton having long and thinner fibers. Egyptian cotton is vastly used to make cushion covers, bed sheets, curtains, etc. The cotton comes in light brown color and popular for strong yarns.

3) Canton Cotton

Canton cotton is generally used to make winter clothes such as sweaters, blankets and other heavy nature clothing. Canton Cotton is soft, strong, and difficult to pull apart. Canton cotton is the most popular cotton to make suitable clothing.

4) Sea Island Cotton

Sea Island cotton is one of the expensive cotton fabrics because it takes a lot of efforts and cost for its growth and processing. It is one of the finest cotton among all of the cotton. It can be mixed with silk.

5) American Upland Cotton

American Upland cotton is less expensive cotton and is one of the most used cotton as well. This cotton has an extremely versatile nature hence it is used for making several other fabrics. It is used to make expensive denims and shirts.

6) Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is usually harder than the normal cotton. It is usually not available in retail shops. The fabrics made from Organic cotton are not easily available. Organic cotton is free from any chemicals and pesticides that are used in the production of other cottons to increase the growth. The clothes made out of this organic cotton never release the harmful chemicals to the environment as the other materials are used to.

7) Pima Cotton

Pima cotton has smooth and long fibers hence it is in the category of Extra Long Staple (ELS) types of cotton. In terms of quality, it is soft, strong, having durable material similar to Egyptian cotton. These qualities make it one of the most popular cotton types to be used for clothing, bed sheets, cushions and towels.

8) French Terry Cotton

French Terry cotton type is much heavier cotton than normal cotton twill. However, it is little lighter than Canton cotton. It is a soft cotton type with a short nap.

9) Bamboo Cotton

Bamboo cotton is half organic and very soft cotton material.  To manufacture the fabrics and clothes, manufacturers use crushed bamboo mixture along with the organic cotton. Like Organic cotton, Bamboo cotton is a chemical free material and all-natural like Organic cotton. It is the best choice for skin and the environment.

These are the different types of Cotton in the world. Do check out the agenda of Commonwealth Forestry Conference 2017.

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