Things to Check Before You Buy New AC in India 2019?

Are you going to buy new air conditioner for you home? Well, before you buy new ac, you must look at certain things. Here we are listing some tips and list of things to check before buying new air conditioning. In 2017, we had many new air conditions introduced, but in 2019, the market seems cold this time.

The summer is already here, in the begging of March month we are recording 38 degree plus of temperature in many of the cities of India. The only way you can get rid of the high temperature is to go with air conditioning. Earlier, we had two options to go with, windows AC and split AC.  But now the windows ACs are gone, we now only have split AC which is good for home use.

So, before you buy new split ac for home use in 2018, here is list of things you need to check before you buy one.

Capacity of AC

Before you buy new AC, you need to be sure about the capacity you required for your bed room. Yes, the ton capacity of your AC decided based on your room size. For example, according to this guide, if your bed room is sized at 10 X 10, you need 1 ton of AC. If you have bigger room than 10 X 10, you need to go for higher capacity of AC.


You need to be sure which brand of AC you want. Though, all AC are working perfect but brand is important for the one who requires good after sales service. Some of the brands we recommend are blue star, LG, Samsung, Lloyd are best brands for AC in India (meaning they provide better service after sales in all cities of India).


Another most important thing to look while you buying new AC are features. You need to check the features of new AC and if possible do compare them. Turbo function helps you to get instant fast cooling, auto cleaning features helps you to clean your AC automatically, and you don’t need to do anything. Auto climate function helps to adjust the temperature as per the atmosphere; you don’t need to adjust the temperature again and again.

Likewise, there are many more features you need to check before you buy new ac for your home.

BEE Ratings

BEE Ratings is the new thing which is introduced few years back. This BEE rating cum star ratings provide electricity consumption of you appliance. if it consume less energy it will have 5 star ratings, and if it consume more energy, it will have lesser ratings.

Price of AC

Though, ACs are costlier than Air cooler and ceiling fans, but you can still get good air conditioner in price range of 25000 to 30000 in India. The higher the capacity of AC, costlier the price.

These are the things you need to check while buying new air conditions. We have listed all the important topics which you need to look after, don’t miss any point and make sure you get perfect AC to beat heat in this summer.

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