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Day 3 (05 April, 2017)

Contribution of Forests towards Sustainable Development Goals

The vital role of forests in global bioeconomy is increasingly recognized owing to their multiple services and economic values apart from timber that include carbon sequesteration, bioenergy, biotextiles, mid- and high rise wooden buildings, freshwater, recreational opportunities, NTFPs, and urban ecology. Hence changing traditional forestry sector will need to accelerate if it is to succeed in the future.

- John Innes

Prof. & Dean,  
Faculty of Forestry,

University of British
Columbia, Canada

Forests play an important role in tackling natural disasters. The life of Hydro-power Dams can be increased by good forests. True value of forests ecosystem services should be measured in support of overall economic growth. There is a need to build a stronger partnership for international cooperation on Sustainable Development Goals.

- Anupam Joshi

 Senior Environmental Specialist,
World Bank,
New Delhi, India

The 2030 agenda for sustainable development and Sustainable Development Goals will guide development policies globally during the coming one and half decade. Forests, that harbour 80% of terrestrial biodiversity, provide both sustenance needs and diversified economic opportunity at a significant scale and play a key role in climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

-Eva Muller 

 Director, FAO,

Release of Special Postal Cover to commemorate XIX CFC 2017

Technical Sessions

There were two technical sessions divided into five parallel sub-sessions comprising altogether 25 presentations on the aspects :  ‘Climate Change Mitigation, ‘Bioprospecting and Value Addition of Forest Products’, ‘Policy Interventions in Forestry’, Forest Products Diversification’ and ‘Forestry and Market Linkages’. 

Side Events

Conclave on Forestry Education & Training: Needs, Constraints and Way Forward   - organized by
FRI Deemed University, Dehradun, India

Making Policy Work:
Enhancing Impact on the Ground
for Sustainability and Prosperity

- organized by FAO.

Paticipatory Approaches in Natural Resource Management -organized by Wildlife Institute of India,

-organized by Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, India