International Advisory Committee

S.S. Negi, Director General of Forest and S.S.Yes[email protected]Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Govt. of India
Dr. Shashi Kumar, Director GeneralYes[email protected]ICFRE, India
Jim BallYes [email protected]CFA, UK
John InnesYes[email protected]CFA, Canada
Roger SandsYes[email protected]Retired, Australia
Mike WingfieldYes[email protected]IUFRO, FABI, South Africa
Tony BartlettYes[email protected]ACIAR, Australia
Frank RautabingwaYes[email protected]Economic commission for Africa
Marilyn HeadleyYes[email protected]Conservation of Forests, Jamaica
Ben ChikamaiYes[email protected]Director, Kenya Forest Research Institute
Syed Mahmood NasirYes[email protected]
[email protected]
Inspector General of Forest, Pakistan
May Anne ThenYes[email protected]Malaysia
Tolulupe DaramolaYes[email protected]Nigeria
Joanna LungYes[email protected]Mauritius
Tony SimonsYes[email protected]ICRAF, Kenya
Peter HolmgrenConsent awaited[email protected]CIFOR, Indonesia
Joseph HailwaConsent awaited[email protected]Directorate of Forestry, Namibia
Tu'u'u letitaia Taule'aloConsent awaited[email protected]CEO Forestry Division, Samoa