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  1. All moderators should arrive in the venue hall designated for their session 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the session. They should confirm attendance of all presenters.
  2. The moderators will call for audience attention, introduce him/herself and announce the overall subject of the session. The moderator will introduce the first presenter and begin the session. The moderator will encourage all presenters to adhere to their allotted times, and will open the floor to questions at appropriate times. All speakers should get equal opportunity to present their work and discuss it with the audience.  All oral presentations should be allocated the standard time (10 min talk + 5 min discussion or as per the framework laid down by moderators themselves.
  3. Moderators should use reasonable means to stop a speaker who has exceeded the allotted time. The session must stay on schedule so that individuals who are presenting a paper or individuals who wish to hear a specific talk may do so at the time indicated in the programme. If a paper has been withdrawn or a speaker does not appear, the time listed for the presentation can be utilized for discussion or synthesis of the session at the last.
  4. To maintain the schedule, it may be necessary to defer lengthy discussions to the end of the session or to suggest that the discussion be continued in private, once the session has ended.
  5. No new presentations may be added to the session.
  6. Each oral session room is equipped with computer projection equipment. Authors using this equipment have been encouraged to bring a back-up presentation in an alternate format in case of technical difficulties. There will be Audio-Visual personnel from Projection available in the room should there be any difficulties.
  7. Speakers are not allowed to connect laptops into computer projectors in the meeting room. Speakers have been instructed to load their presentation in advance.
  8. Close the session after providing a 2-3-minute synthesis of the session, illustrating possible links among the presentations.
  9. Kindly draw general conclusions of the session and handover the summarized conclusions to the session host. Rapporteurs will be there in the session to note down the salient outcomes of the presentations and discussion.