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day 2 ( 04 April, 2017)

Day 2

Global Forestry Conclave


Plenary Session :Forest Conservation and Development

The session was enriched with two keynote speeches

IMG_9453“The perception of
people and their trust in
the orgnisation’s ability
and independence is a
must. ”                    Timothy Ryan, Chairman, Forest Practices Board, Govt. Victoria, Canada spoke on the role of independent oversight in British Columbia’s forest resource management and detailed about the Canadian sustainable forest management policies and practices, environment laws and regulations of the country and activities of Forest Practices Board as well as the future challenges to be tackled by the Board.


Technical Sessions

IMG_0001There were two technical sessions divided into five parallel sub-sessions comprising altogether 25 presentations on the aspects :  Impact of climate change, Biodiversity, Forests and People, Sustainable forest management, Adaptation to climate change and Technologies and strategies for conservation’.



IMG_9409 Rob de Fegely, Director and National President, Institute of Forests of Australia talked about future forestry in Australia  and explained how there can be a more informed decision on management in the country where large planted forests are largely privatized. He also pointed out the reason behind no further expansion of planted forest estates and suggested certain measures to resolve the competing demand for renewable resources like wood and to improve the conservation outcomes of forests.   


Tech Session1